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Downsizing: How to Handle Moving to a Smaller Apartment Gracefully

Living in small apartments is just a fact of life as a New Yorker, but sometimes downsizing to a smaller space can feel tricky. Here are some helpful tips for handling the move to a smaller apartment.

Alone in NYC: How to Handle a Move Solo

Plenty of people find themselves alone in NYC without a support system to call upon when it’s time to move. Don’t make moving solo harder than it already is by hiring a subpar company. Make sure you find a moving company that exhibits these 3 traits before completing a move on your own.

How to Move Painlessly into a Walk-Up

Most every New Yorker will have lived in a walk-up apartment at some point. These apartments are a fact of life in NYC, but they aren’t especially easy to move into. Take a look at these tips before attempting your move into a walk-up.

Move Between Boroughs Seamlessly

Though switching boroughs is still a local move within NYC, it can certainly feel like a greater distance. Take a look at these tips before you take on your move to a new borough.

Why Settling Down in Brooklyn is Becoming More Common for NYC Locals

For those in the NYC boroughs that are looking for a bit of suburbia mixed in with life in a big city, then a move to Brooklyn might be for you. Read on to find out why so many residents of the other 4 boroughs are flocking to Brooklyn to settle down.

Safely and Efficiently Moving to a New Apartment Within the Bronx

The Bronx has gotten a bad rep over the years. While it’s definitely safer today than it used to be, there are always safety measures you should take when moving your apartment within the home of the great New York Yankees. Read on to learn more!

How Moving to Queens Will Give You More of a Suburban Feel

If you’re just plain sick of big city life but aren’t quite ready to leave that big city, local moving to Queens can help you fill the void. Read on to see how Queens can give you a really suburban feel, without actually leaving New York City.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Locally in Manhattan

Moving stresses many people out. It doesn’t have to be miserable all the time, especially when you’re switching apartments locally in Manhattan. Read in for a few things to keep in mind when you’re making that move!

Commuting Tips You Need To Know Before Moving To Staten Island

Staten Island is still a good place to move to. But the commute can be a nightmare. But not if you know exactly what you’re doing. Find out how you can make the commute less of a pain each day.

Getting To Know You: Tips On Meeting Your New Neighbors In Queens

Queens is one of the most diverse boroughs in New York City. Here are some tips on how you can meet new people, no matter what language you speak.

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