Complete Guide: How To Make Moving With Kids Less Stressful

Complete Guide: How To Make Moving With Kids Less Stressful

Having kids is totally worth it, but let’s face it, raising them isn’t easy. Like having kids, moving is part of life, and you may have to do it with your kids in tow. Figuring out how to make moving with kids less stressful is an art that few families master since most people don’t move regularly. Proper planning and research are the keys to ensuring you enjoy a successful transition to your new home. Find out what you can do to make the change easier for your kids.

Talk About the Move as Soon as Possible

Don’t hide conversations about your plans to move from your children. Kids can tell when something is about to change. Especially if you’re at the point when you’re making plans with full-service moving companies in NYC, it’s time to share the details about your move with your children.

Springing the move on your kids last-minute won’t make the transition to a new place easier. Like you, kids need time to adjust, mentally and physically, to new spaces. The more you talk about why you’re moving and where you’re going, the better your kids will handle the change.

Answer Your Kids’ Questions

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them—especially when it’s about to change. Change is scary for anyone at any age, but it may be particularly upsetting when everything is new. Help assuage your child’s fears by listening to their concerns. Be mindful of their questions and the responses you give. For instance, if you don’t know the answer to a query, be honest instead of lying.

Begin Packing Months Before the Move

No matter how many kids you have, you know how long it takes to do anything with them. Packing will be the same. While it may seem like it should only take a few weeks to pack up your belongings, you’ll likely need more time.

Begin packing much sooner than you think you need to, even if that means beginning months in advance. You can make moving day stress-free if you already have your items packed in boxes and ready for movers to arrange on the truck.

Pro Tip: Taking time to pack isn’t easy when your kids need you. Consider using the time after they go to bed each day to finish a good portion of the packing.

Ways To Sell or Throw Things Away When Moving

If you’re moving a long distance or to an upgraded space, you may decide to throw away or leave behind certain items. If your children are attached to old chairs, toys, and other things you plan to buy new once you move into your new space, consider throwing them out when the kids are asleep.

Packing is a delicate process. The best way to go about it is to make three piles as you go through each room of your home. One pile is for what you must take with you. Another is for trash. The last pile is for items that are still good but that you don’t need. You can sell, donate, or give these items to friends or family members who might be able to use them.

Pack the Kids’ Room Last

You can pack your kids’ room last to help them mentally transition to their new home. You don’t want to make your kids feel displaced or out of sorts during the move. Further, let them keep out a few of their favorite items to make the moving process easier.

Pro Tip: Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your kids’ rooms first. Help them settle in so that they’ll start feeling comfortable in your brand-new home.

Allow the Kids To Help Pack

If your children are old enough, they can help pack some of their own boxes. Supervising the process may be necessary to ensure they don’t waste space and only pack essential items. Including your kids in the process may get them excited about the move.

Label Boxes

Kids of just about any age can help label boxes. Use a simple system that makes sense to your children. The process is fun, and your kids will enjoy seeing the boxes in your new space. Seeing familiar boxes that they helped pack may increase your kids’ excitement about moving. Fun ways to label boxes when moving include:

  • Colors
  • Symbols
  • Stickers and labels

Pack Everyone’s Overnight Bags

As you’re helping your kids pack, don’t forget to leave out some essentials. Pack a bag for each child that includes clothes and toiletries. Let your kids choose a couple of comfort items as well to make the transition smoother.

Maintain a Routine

Routines are good for anyone’s productivity, but children in particular benefit from an established daily schedule. Whether you maintain the same daily rituals as you would at home or alter them to fit your moving schedule, try to keep things normal for your kids—and yourself. For instance, try to eat and go to sleep at the same times.

Visit Their New School and Community

One of the most stressful parts of moving to a new place is acclimating to a new community. If your kids are nervous about their new school, contact the institution to see if you can visit ahead of time. An opportunity to tour the facility, meet their teachers, and learn about expectations will help them prepare for their first days.

Keep in Touch With Friends

Find ways to help your kids keep in touch with friends they’ve made in their old town. Before you move, help them exchange phone numbers, email addresses, and your new address with friends they’ve built meaningful relationships with.

Surprise Your Kids in Their New Home

Replace items you threw out at your old place with something new to excite your kids about their new home. You can surprise your child with a treat they love, such as toys, books, or electronics.

Rely on Professional Movers

Ask for help when moving to a new location. While your friends might have been willing to help you transition apartments, they might not want to help you move to a new house. Rely on professional movers. They can handle the heavy items that your friends nearly broke last time. Remember to schedule in advance to ensure you can book the moving date you want.

Your movers will appreciate you more if you can control the environment around your family. Knowing how to make moving with kids less stressful is beneficial for both you and your kids.

Moving doesn’t have to be a chaotic experience. You can manage your kids and the details of your move when you lean on trusted professionals. Contact Simply Moving to find out how we can guarantee you peace of mind on your moving day.

Complete Guide: How To Make Moving With Kids Less Stressful

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