Simply Moving NYC – Which Valuables To Keep (And What To Protect In Storage) When You Move To The Bronx

Which Valuables To Keep (And What To Protect In Storage) When You Move To The Bronx

At Simply Moving, we don’t just offer moving and storage services. But we offer the best advice to those who want to move locally in New York City. The Bronx is a borough that attracts a great deal of people. One of the reasons is because housing is a little less expensive than in the other boroughs. However, there has been much chatter about how the Bronx can be a rough place. Not surprisingly, the subject of crime is usually talked about ad nauseum. However, if you’re concerned about the safety of your home, you should take the necessary precautions. Burglaries happen just about anywhere in the city. And they can steal whatever valuables that they can get their hands on. If you have valuables that may be attractive to burglars, then one option is storing them in a safe and secure place. Here are a few things that you should store if you cannot afford to lose them:

  • Jewelry: Typically, burglars will steal jewelry because of the quick profit they can make at local pawn shops. And even some family heirlooms consist of valuable jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation. It would be a devastating event for someone to lose something this valuable. Our storage units at Simply Moving are monitored by security around the clock to ensure that these valuables are kept safe no matter what.
  • Large, high-end electronics: High end electronics are a thief’s favorite things. We’re talking stereo equipment or even large television sets. If you want to keep them, make sure they’re out of plain sight. You’ll never know if a would-be thief can have eagle eye vision and spot it by looking inside your window (especially from a distance). You’re welcome to move them into your new place in the Bronx. Just be sure to lock your doors and windows before you venture out.
  • Your Vehicle: This is completely optional. It is doable to navigate the Bronx in a car. But keep in mind that car thefts are common in the big city. While some storage facilities will allow you to store your vehicle, others may not. If you want to keep your car, more power to you. Just make sure that it is secure when it’s not in use. Also, you should never leave any valuables in your car that may give a reason for someone to break in and steal it.


Contrary to popular belief, the Bronx is not a bad place to live. But common sense will tell you that if you are leaving your home or vehicle, you should lock it up each time. Thefts and burglaries happen in the big city all the time. Don’t become a statistic. If you have any valuables that you don’t want to lose it, rely on Simply Moving to store it for you.

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