Simply Moving NYC – What Can You Take Out Of Storage When You Move To Staten Island

What Can You Take Out Of Storage When You Move To Staten Island

Knowing who to choose for moving and storage service makes the moving process a little more easier. Suppose for a moment you’ve already stored some things with Simply Moving. You find a place in Staten Island that you fell in love with. Wait…it has a garage? A backyard? You mean you can take some stuff out of storage? Well, it does depend on your living arrangement. But yes, there are homes in Staten Island that will give you plenty of space to move things into. You can have a grill in your backyard, gardening tools in the garage, or just about anything else if there’s enough space for it. If you have the following in storage, rest assured that you can finally put them to good use again in your new home. So here’s what you can take out of storage once you’re all settled in:

  • Things That Belong In The Backyard: Got a swingset for the kids in storage? Awesome. Take it with you. Got a grill that hasn’t been used in a couple years? Hopefully there is no tank attached to it. But if it’s still usable, take it home. If you have a backyard, you have a new home for all outdoor things.
  • Things You Can Store In The Garage: Aside from being a place for your vehicle, it can be a glorified storage unit for all other things. It’s okay, we won’t be offended if you use your garage for that purpose. Some of the items we’re talking about include gardening tools (small and large). Also, if you have some boxes packed with extra books, magazines, and other odds and ends, you can take them with you. Chances are, you may have some attic or basement space to store more things.
  • Things That Were Too Large For Your Old Home: Remember the furniture you couldn’t move into your Manhattan apartment? Yeah, we know you were bummed when you had to store it. But after spending time in storage untouched, it’s still in the same great condition. The chances of moving these things into your new house are probably better. That is, if you know which entry way you have to use to get it in there.


A lot of people say they never have any desire of living on Staten Island. What they don’t realize is that they have no idea what they’re missing. Imagine living in a regular, family-sized house just a stone’s throw away from the big city. A place where you can get the peace and quiet you deserve. And a place where you can even mow the lawn or grow a garden.

There is no better opportunity to take things out of storage than moving to a better and bigger place in Staten Island. And if you need someone to help you move what you need, count on Simply Moving to get the job done for you.

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