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Things to Take Note of When Creating a Budget For Your Interstate Move from NYC to Washington D.C.

Whether it’s for work, family, or just a change of pace, a long distance move is always exciting and frightening at once. Packing up and starting over in a new city can be a thrilling development if you prepare as much as possible before it’s time to relocate.

Washington D.C. attracts plenty of ambitious New Yorkers to make the 4 hour move South. Before you leave NYC for the nation’s capital, here’s a list of factors that can influence your budget for your long distance move to D.C.

  1. Gas Prices: One of the biggest influencers of a trip’s price tag is how much you’ll be spending on gas. The type of car you’ll be driving will factor in here as well, since mileage can vary widely. Gas prices may be something you’ll have to wait until the last few days before your move to budget accurately, since it can be variable. When the time comes, you can comparison shop for the lowest gas prices in NYC, Washington D.C., and everywhere along the way.
  2. 2. How much you’re taking with you: Are you a minimalist or a packrat? Do you throw things away as soon as they fall out of vogue, or cling on to them as long as possible? Believe it or not, this can have a large bearing on what you’ll spend on your move to Washington D.C. The more stuff you have, the higher a price long distance movers will have to charge you to haul it from NYC. It’s always a good idea to purge unnecessary items before a move, but especially an interstate move like to one from NYC to D.C. where nixing the extra baggage will save you money.
  3. Where in D.C. you’re moving: Much like how many of your belongings you’ll be taking with you when you leave NYC, the area to which you’re moving can affect how much you’ll have to pay interstate movers, and is something you should take into account when figuring a budget. It stands to reason that areas that are further North (and so closer to NYC) and easier to access will cost even slightly less than inner-city moves.

The stress of moving can be massively reduced if you’re willing to put a little elbow grease into the planning process. You’ll have plenty to consider before making the jump from NYC to Washington D.C., but don’t let the destination eclipse the journey. Everything from which interstate movers you choose to how large your couch is can influence your moving-day budget, so consider as much detail as you possibly can and position yourself for a reduced-stress move.

To flesh out your NYC to Washington D.C. relocation costs, you’ll need a good idea of how much interstate movers will cost. Request a free quote today, and take all the guesswork out of your budgeting!

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