Simply Moving NYC – The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

What DIY project doesn’t seem like a good idea at first? Installing a new backsplash in the bathroom. Some new floors for the kitchen. Even replacing the roof seems like an doable task at times. But is moving an entire house something that sounds like fun? Probably not.

Any business exists because of one reason, there’s a need for it. You visit that bistro in the Bronx and have them cook your meals. Your mechanic in Queens takes care of your car. You trust the accountant in the Lower East Side to handle all your finances. Why wouldn’t you call a professional to handle one of the largest and most important tasks of your life? Moving!

The benefits of hiring a professional moving company are many, and the downside to not is something that too many people find out the hard way. Here’re just a few reasons why you should make the call to a professional next time you make a move.



Most moving companies will provide you a liaison to assist you in planning your move. They’ll help organize your belongings, coordinate with the moving crew, line up trucks and storage units and set concrete dates that you’ll be move out of and into your current and future home.



Moving is hard work, plain and simple. Heavy furniture, bulky appliances and boxes that could put a hole in the floor take their toll. By hiring professionals, you eliminate the risk of injury to you and your family while moving all of these back pain inspiring items.



Buying boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, labels, hand trucks, rolling dollies, etc. Renting a moving truck. Finding a storage unit. Lining up friends and family or paying strangers to help load and unload. The resources required to move are seemingly endless. A professional mover will have all of these on hand or trusted vendors to acquire all of this for you, relieving a huge stress.



Talk to anyone who has moved themselves, and you’ll typically find a story of a dresser being dropped down the stairs, a flat screen crashing against the sidewalk or priceless antiques shattering during the trip. Pro’s will be insured, and in the unlikely event that something is broken on their watch, you’ll be reimbursed for your losses.



Packing a box, and then a truck or storage unit can be the most intense game of Tetris the worlds ever seen. A professional mover will have loads of experience on how to pack boxes efficiently, which types of boxes to use, and how to load a moving truck so that every inch of space is used. This may seem like a nuance, but considering a moving truck is rented by the day, excessive trips due to improper use of space can rack up extra costs you didn’t plan on. Ever driven from Yonkers to Flatbush in the afternoon? Do you really want to make that trip more times than necessary?


We’re guessing you wouldn’t try to perform your own surgery or replace the transmission in your car on your own. Let’s face it, most of us are very good at what we do for a living, but sometimes we all need some help from the experts in a given field. Moving your life and your family should be no different. Next time you’re planning a move, take the time to consider hiring the professionals to get it done for you.

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