Simply Moving NYC – Store It Or Sell It: How To Take Care Of Things You Can't Take With You To Manhattan

Store It Or Sell It: How To Take Care Of Things You Can’t Take With You To Manhattan

Simply Moving knows a thing or two about moving and storage. It’s what we do here in New York City or anywhere else in America. We can even move you from one borough to another. For example, you move to the exciting but very crowded part of the city: the borough known as Manhattan. Because you’re in the center of all the hustle and bustle, there are some things that you won’t need in your new apartment. That’s because you may not have space to put it or you may not afford some of the additional charges like parking fees. Of course, there are some things that can’t go in a storage facility anyway. So you have no choice but to sell it. Yet, there’s always an upside to selling stuff: you get some extra spending cash while you explore your new neighborhood.

Now you need to ask yourself, if you can’t move stuff with you to Manhattan, do you either store it or sell it? It depends on what it is. However, we here at Simply Moving have the answers. Here are two things to keep in mind while the moving process rolls along:

  • You’ll End Up Selling Stuff You Don’t Need: For instance, you live in Queens. And you have some home improvement tools in your garage. Or something large like a lawnmower. Will they be of any use in your Hell’s Kitchen apartment? Nope. You obviously won’t need it. Plus, it won’t be suitable for a place like a storage facility. So you’re better off selling it. Take advantage of sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. LetGo is also a reliable app that will allow you to post what you want to sell. You’ll never know who in the city outside of Manhattan may need a lawnmower. Or the car you’ve been getting around your old borough in.
  • If It Doesn’t Fit In The House: One of the downsides of the moving process is moving large items into your new place. Large furniture is usually one of those objects. If you can fit it through the door after a little finagling and adjusting, you’re good to go. If it seems like an impossible task, you’re better off storing it for the time being. Some things are just hard to let go. It’s even disappointing when its not inside your home. But not to worry, Simply Moving’s storage units will keep your valuables safe and secure 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


If you’re moving to Manhattan (or considering it), accept the fact that nearly half the things in your house may go into storage. Some of the things that won’t get stored may have to be sold. Take inventory of the things you don’t want to let go, but rather store away if push comes to shove. If you’re looking for a mover who can do more than just moving, Simply Moving is here to help.

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