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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Interstate Moving Company for Your Move from NYC to Chicago

Moving between neighborhoods is hard enough, but moving to a new part of the country is nothing short of nerve-racking. Interstate moving is a particularly stressful brand of relocation; opting to hire professional long distance movers can improve the experience, if you know how to choose a reputable, high quality company.

Nearly 800 miles of interstate separate NYC and Chicago. If you want to make your move to the Windy City as painless as possible, leaving interstate movers to transport your belongings for you should do the trick. Before selecting a company, do your due diligence. Here are some helpful questions to ask when interviewing prospective movers!

Do you have experience with long distance moves from NYC to Chicago?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but double checking that you hire a company with plenty of experience driving that stretch of I-80 will help to not only ease your anxiety over trusting them with all of your possessions, but also ensure that they’re prepared for any unexpected surprises that may arise. Not to mention, the movers’ familiarity with Chicago could come in handy once the interstate part of your move is done.

What kind of liability assurance do your offer?

You have to be prepared for every situation, and in the event that something drastic happens and your belongings are lost or damaged, you don’t want to be stuck with your hand out in a new city. There are a couple of ways to handle moving insurance, but start by talking with your long distance movers about what they offer.

Can you supply a quote or estimate?

Before you commit, you need a pretty solid idea of what you’re committing to. NYC to Chicago is a long distance move by all accounts, and it could get costly quickly, so ask potential interstate movers if they can offer you a quote, or at least a pretty close estimate. For most people, this is the most crucial question when interviewing moving companies.

Will you supply your license number?

Professional companies will have a verifiable number registered with the state. Not only does a long distance moving company providing this number tell you that they’re legitimate, it also allows you to check any past complaints.

You can ask  for additional resources like references if you’ve got the time, but these will set you on the right path when selecting a moving company to assist in your move to Chicago. Once you’ve properly vetted a few companies, the only hard part left is to make your selection! Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the excitement of exploring a new city while your interstate movers take care of the rest.

Ready to take the plunge and check one question for long distance movers off your list? Reach out for a free quote for your upcoming move to Chicago!

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