Simply Moving NYC – Preparing Your Employees And Your Business For An Office Relocation

Preparing Your Employees and Your Business For An Office Relocation

Whether your upsizing or downsizing, an office relocation is one heck of a big job. It’s important that it’s done correctly and in a manner that will be efficient to your business operations. You can’t abandon your employees and the process in which you do business just to change office locations.

Moving anywhere in New York City is hard, but organizing an office move correctly can err on the side of impossible. Here’s how to make this move a little bit easier on those that work for you, guaranteeing success and a smooth transition.


Keep Employees As Involved As Possible

Don’t simply inform your employees of an office move and then be done with it. Let them in on all the details, give them chances to form teams and committees, and get them excited about having a part in the move.

This will make things easier for you, because you won’t be packing everything up for the office movers by yourself. It will also improve communication between you and your team, letting them know that they’re so much more to you that just employees.

Let them express concerns and ask questions, but don’t be afraid to put a serious positive spin on it! They are the heart of the business.


Staff Communication Encourages Business Operation

Communicating effectively with your staff will make the transition between offices easier, and when everybody is on the same page, operations will flow as usual. Employees who have no idea what is going on are typically stressed out, affecting everything from production to customer service.

Let them in on anything they need to know. When they aren’t in the dark, they’ll be able to continue with their jobs and make the transition smooth. You need your employees to keep  business running as usual.

Moving everything over one department at a time, starting wherever you see fit, will help employees settle in while keeping clients happy and you profitable.


Keep Close Contact With Clients

Right after employees, clients are the backbone of your business. Inform them of the move, and give them details about what services may be temporarily down, if any. Keep your customer service department up and running throughout, even if the phone lines have to be rerouted more than once.

Maintaining impeccable communication with every single person involved with the office moving, even if it’s through information in a mass email, will help everything to go off without a hitch, just as you planned it.

Keep that line of communication open for your office movers too, so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. If you are in need of a hardworking, time efficient team, contact us today for more information and a free quote!

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