NYC to Florida How to Move Your Heavy Furniture

NYC to Florida How to Move Your Heavy Furniture

A Guide to Lifting and Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving is always an adventure. No matter which state you are leaving, or where it is that you are moving to, interstate moving is quite the undertaking. Relocating from New York City to Florida means that you will be traversing many different climates, terrains, and cultures before you finally arrive at your destination. When it comes to long distance moving, we recommend that you turn to the moving experts.

The components involved in moving from one place to the next are endless. Packing personal possessions into boxes and loading them into vehicles requires a great deal of physical labor and energy. Figuring out the best route to take from NYC to Florida takes a lot of brain power.

Planning ahead means that you need to consider everything, such as road closures and unexpected weather forecasts. One of the things you should never have to think about facing is damage to your belongings. When you hire a professional interstate moving company to carry your items long distance, you won’t need to stress about whether or not your possessions are secure during the move.

You can do your very best to move successfully, but there is always a chance that you made a mistake in one area or another. Professional movers are not flawless, but when it comes to moving, they know exactly what to do to avoid potential disasters. In trying to move without professional assistance, people often run into a lot of errors. One of the areas where people fail to transport their items properly and securely is when it comes to furniture.

Furniture is by far one of the most challenging items to take with you when moving from NYC to Florida. The bulkiness and extreme weight associated with most pieces of furniture can make it that much harder to maneuver. While it is possible to move your furniture by yourself, the safest approach is to leave the heavy lifting to a professional moving company. The team of highly trained movers who will show up at your door have the insight, awareness, and intellect needed for moving heavy furniture from one location to the next. However, we know not everyone has the financial means to hire experts, and we also understand the appeal of moving furniture on your own. There is a great sense of accomplishment after a mighty feat like that, so we have compiled a guide on how to safely move your heavy furniture from New York to Florida.

Wrap Your Furniture in Bedding or Blankets

When moving furniture, one very common event that happens involves damage to the interior of your place. Since furniture has sharp edges and pokes out in all different directions, it can be hard to keep an eye on every inch of the furniture while it is in transit. As a result, bare furniture can cause destruction to your flooring and your walls, which results in higher deductions from your security deposit, if you had one.

In an effort to be extra cautious, we recommend that you wrap furniture in blankets, bed sheets, towels, or anything made from soft, but thick, material. This will act as a barrier between the furniture and anything it comes in contact with during the move. This way, you can successfully avoid scratching tiles or vinyl flooring, as well as prevent the furniture from denting walls and rubbing off paint.

Always Lift with Your Legs

A common mistake people make when lifting anything is using their back strength to carry heavy objects. While the thought process behind this idea makes sense, it is not conducive to your physical health. You must always be sure to lift with your legs. Failing to do so will result in serious, potentially permanent, damage to your spinal cord. Back injuries do not go away with ease on their own, so preventing them from happening is far easier than healing from one.

One way to make sure you are not straining your back muscles is by focusing on your knees, as opposed to your arms or your waist. You want the majority of your strength to come from beneath your waistband. Another way of avoiding serious damage is to never carry anything that surpasses your chest. If an object is level with your collarbone or higher, you are at much greater risk for injury.

Know Yourself and Your Physical Limitations

Believing in yourself is not enough in the context of moving furniture from NYC to Florida. While trusting in your own abilities is a great life skill, it can result in a lot of damage if you are not honest with yourself. If you find that you are taking on more weight than your body can actually handle, it is best to stop what you are doing immediately. Admitting that you are not able to lift a heavy piece of furniture is far better than trying to do it anyway because, more often than not, that decision will result in an injury. Keeping a level head and a realistic mindset are key to lifting heavy furniture by yourself.

Invite Someone to Accompany You

After reading about how to move your heavy furniture on your own, it is time to determine if it is something you can successfully do without causing harm to yourself or others. If you decide that you can handle the heavy lifting, consider having a friend or family member with you when you move your furniture. Preventative measures are always applicable, no matter the situation, but they especially apply to circumstances where heavy lifting is involved. Having someone with you while you move your own furniture will serve as a comfort, at the very least. There will be someone who can assist you if need be, or call for help, if worst comes to worst.

The Best Long Distance Professional Moving Company in NYC

There is no shame in admitting that you cannot move your heavy furniture on your own. That is why professional long distance moving companies exist. They are there for all of your moving needs. With flatbed trucks and industry level moving equipment, the services provided by expert moving companies are unparalleled. When you need assistance moving your furniture from NYC to Florida, strongly consider reaching out to the best professional moving company in NYC. They will not disappoint.

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