Moving Your Manhattan Office_ How Your Employees Can Help

Office moving can be an incredibly difficult task. When you look around at everything that has to be packed up and moved to an entirely different location, it kind of makes you wish you didn’t have to make the move in the first place.

Professional office movers can be of great help when picking up and moving your actual things, but in most cases, you’re left to prep for the move alone. Don’t fret! Call your employees in for help.


Appoint Them to a Committee

Office moving can make employees feel uncomfortable. By allowing them to get in on the action, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Not only will you be easing minds by assigning productive tasks, but they’ll be helping you get everything organized for your office movers.

Assign one person as the head of the moving committee. Have them pick as assistant, and put them in charge of everything that has to do with the move. They’ll schedule your office movers, fold boxes, and put themselves and fellow employees in charge of certain office areas to pack up.

Asking your employees to form a team to prepare for moving day will help them feel involved, which will mean less questions for you. Also, your time will be free to get everything in order with the new office space.


Hold Them Responsible

Each of your employees, in addition to being part of a committee, should be responsible for packing up their own things. An NYC move can get hectic pretty quickly, so it’s important that they have everything accounted for and it all makes it to the new location.

Computers, printers, phones and personal items should all be placed into boxes and labeled. This way, desks can be set up in the swiftly after the office movers have left and it’s time to start unpacking. Eliminating confusion at this point is a vital part in getting your office up and running in a different spot.


Keep Them Informed

It will be your job to keep your employees informed and up to date on your NYC move, especially when it comes to moving within the busy borough of Manhattan. The historical birthplace of NYC, Manhattan is definitely the borough with the most bustle. The economic and administrative center of what we call New York City, Manhattan is the most densely populated, and takes some maneuvering and planning to make a move successful.

You won’t be able to pack up and delegate the appointed committee without an open flow of communication. The trials that can come along with an office move are plentiful, but easy to avoid if you’ve got a plan. Your employees are there to help you, let them do it in any way they can!

If you’re getting your team ready for an office move, call Simply Moving today for a consultation!

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    We couldn’t be happier with our recent move with Simply Moving.

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    Muniba M.

    I had a truly 5 star experience – they were on time, gave me a call an hour before arriving, packed everything neatly and efficiently and placed all items in my new place perfectly. Did the job as promised!

    “Simply Moving- It was our pleasure to move you, the crew said you were well prepared and did a good job with the destination layout and instructions”

    Abhishek S.

    Great group of MOVERS.

    The movers arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule, when it was cold and rainy. I wasn’t able to pack everything since my mother had passed away a few days before my move. They made me feel safe and helped pack things gently and quickly. They were patient and very positive and compassionate. They were too notch. Highly recommend their services.

    Christine V.

    Dear Stefan, I want to tell the public how wonderful your company has treated me. Has stored my possessions and has delivered everything with the utmost of care. Thank you will all my heart for the service you gave me and the protection you provided for all my things these years. If I had to rate your company I would give you a ten…!

    P.S. when I got the delivery we thought there was an antique shelf missing but I found that behind some boxes after the truck left…So I have it all and am filled with joy…

    Kevin S.

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    You have found Simply Moving so up can STOP searching for movers right now!!!! These guys are really great. Very fast, efficient and professional. Absolutely no stress involved with the move thanks to Stephan, Scott and Igor taking full control of every aspect of the job. They provided a certificate … CONTINUE READING

    Pat T, Client

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