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Moving from NYC to Dallas with Kids? Here’s How to Handle the Move Like a Pro!

Moving is exciting, scary, and stressful all at once, especially if you’re gearing up for a long distance move with many miles of interstate separating your current home and your new one. As a New Yorker, it’s possible that driving may not be something you do all that often, and so the prospect of interstate moving might seem especially daunting.

If you’re planning a move to Dallas from NYC, there are already a lot of questions to ask and a host of planning to take on before you hit the road. If you’re moving with kids, the questions and planning grow by a factor of about a million. Here are a few tips to help ensure you’ve thought of everything before you hit the road for Dallas!

Plan some distractions

As a parent, you’re likely already a master of diversion and entertainment when your kids are teetering on the edge of a breakdown. Don’t let those skills get lost in the shuffle through the stress of your Dallas move—they’ll be especially important in keeping your kids calm during the drive. Anything from books to car games will work, so long as their minds aren’t left idle long enough to start asking are we there yet?

Get your kids excited about your new home

There are plenty of exciting things for kids to do in Dallas. Talk to them about the Perot Museum of Nature and Art, or the Dallas Zoo, and make a plan of when you can visit these places. It’s possible that your kids weren’t thrilled when they found out they’d be leaving New York for Texas, so changing their attitude pre-move may prove somewhat difficult, but it will pay off beautifully. If your children are excited about the destination, a happy journey is much more possible.

Keep your vehicle de-cluttered

Since you’re relocating with a family, you’ve probably already hired long distance movers to assist with the process. This will prove crucial during the move: your kids need plenty of space to get comfortable during the ride without being cramped by boxes in the backseat. By hiring interstate movers before you leave NYC, you’ll eliminate one possible pain point for your children. The drive to Dallas will take at least 23 hours—don’t make it feel even longer for your kids by crowding them.

There’s no way around it, moving with kids won’t be a walk in the park. There are tons of things that could go wrong, and you simply can’t be prepared for them all, but if you take these few steps to make the move to Dallas more comfortable for them, you’ll be thanking yourself once you’re on the road.

Still in the market for interstate movers to simplify your NYC to Dallas journey? Get in touch for a free quote so you’ve got one less stressor on your mind!

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