Moving From NYC To Atlanta: Exactly How Different Is The Weather?

Taking a shot at interstate moving to a place very different than where you’re currently living can make for a huge change. New York City is much colder in general than, say Atlanta. So if you’re making that move, you’ll have to prepare yourself accordingly. The good news is, your moving company probably won’t have to move everything you own, because you’re on to greener (well, warmer) pastures.


Things You Don’t Need In Atlanta Weather

Atlanta will require a different wardrobe than what you’re accustomed to donning around New York City. Atlanta gets hot and humid during the months of May through September. If you’re packing up boxes to toss on a moving truck, don’t pay to move things you won’t need.

Heavy coats and other winter wear should stay behind. While weather is mild in October through March, you probably won’t find yourself wearing that goose down coat, or those snow boots that you paid a fortune for.

Besides, purging your deep winter wardrobe will help make room for things you will need in Atlanta, like an extra air conditioning unit or a dehumidifier!


What You Do Need In Atlanta Weather

Of course, most homes and apartments in Atlanta run on central air, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up the aforementioned dehumidifier and air conditioner. There is no better time to purchase things that will help you live comfortably in a hotter state than before you move.

Your long distance moving company will handle the pick up, move in and placement of big items. So, if you’re thinking of making any big ticket purchases, try and do it before interstate moving day. That way, it will be taken care of. Please note that you do have to install these things yourself.

Also, pack up those spring, summer and fall clothing pieces. You’ll need all three seasons for your move to Atlanta. Bring running shoes, because there is nothing better than a walk or run on an early Atlanta morning. Also, pack your bicycle, because many Atlanta residents walk and bike all year long, which is a major perk to living in a city with milder weather than NYC!


What You Can Expect In Terms Of Weather   

It’s not to say that Georgia doesn’t have a winter, it does, but the average snowfall is about 2.9 inches. So, if you’re interstate moving from New York City, you probably won’t think much of that amount of snow. The rest of the year is relatively hot, and you’ll find yourself sweltering for the first year.

Now that you know what to bring with you, call us today for a free long distance moving quote! Let’s get started on the future!

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