Simply Moving NYC – Moving A Corporate Office In NYC: A Checklist

Moving A Corporate Office In NYC: A Checklist

The interstate moving of your office can be an incredibly overwhelming task. It doesn’t really matter how far of a distance you are traveling, it’s a difficult task no matter what the miles. Moving an office within New York City can be slow and hazardous.

There always seems to be an obstacle in your path, whether it be traffic or a carriage horse. While you can’t control most of it, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier on your and the moving company you hire. The following checklist should give you an idea of how to coordinate and where to start.

Start a Committee: A moving manager or committee to take charge or organizing every step is crucial. This way, there aren’t too many hands in the pot, so to speak.

Figure Out Your Budget: This way, you can move without overspending.

Change Numbers and Order Phone Lines: Changing over phone lines is important for running business while the move is happening. Also, make sure you’ve got phones everywhere they need to go in the new location.

The Tech Department: This one is major. Organizing the tech department for a move will ensure that your business stays in operation while moving. Stagger the movement of server, and make sure your IT provider knows about the move to sort out any potential issues.

The New Building: Make sure you order signage and keys (with backups) for the new building, confirm appropriate moving times as well as locations for signs.

Office Movers: Find a company that specializes in office moving. Make sure they are reputable among city residents, and pore over customer reviews. Call for estimates from the ones you like.

Clients: They need to know you’re moving. Make sure you send out any form of customer communication that you deem necessary. Phone calls, email or fliers all work fine. Just don’t overdo it.

Insurance: Notify any and all insurance providers, and all other necessary outlets (Department of Employment) of the move ASAP, so they have the correct address on file.

A successful corporate office move will start about 2 or 3 months prior to the actual moving day. Start at the top with by coordinating with the IT team, and move to places like conference and break rooms. There is much more involved than what is here, but we’ve got a fantastic outline that will give you a much needed headstart.

If that’s not enough, call today for a free quote and we can get you started right away!

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