Simply Moving NYC – I'm Not Sure Where To Put This: Space Saving Tips For People Moving To Brooklyn

I’m Not Sure Where To Put This”: Space Saving Tips For People Moving To Brooklyn

You found a trusted moving and storage company to help you move to Brooklyn. Nice work. Now it’s time to get packing and get everything moved into your apartment. Simply Moving is a company that believes in making the moving process less stressful for you. We also know that during the move, some problems may arise. One prime example is the old “where should this go” problem. Sometimes, you’ll need to determine if something is worth moving into the house or if it needs to go into storage.

Saving space is important. You want a home that is a lot less cluttered and easy to move around in. Of course, Simply Moving is no ordinary moving company. We offer storage solutions so you can store those things that take up too much room. But if you’re really smart, you can find creative ways to find a home for all your items.

Here are a few space saving tips you can take to heart while moving everything you can into your new Brooklyn home:

  • Add Shelves Above The Doorway: Shelves don’t always have to touch the ground. If you have small shelves that you can attach to the wall, consider the space above your doorway. Just be sure to keep them dust free every now and then.
  • Glass Jars…Not Just For Food: You’ve used the last of the strawberry jelly. Now to throw it away in the trash, right? Well, not so fast. Think about it for a moment: you have pens and pencils laying around. Why not use a glass jar as a designated pen or pencil holder? Should you put it to good use, make sure to thoroughly clean it both inside and out. You don’t want things to get a little sticky, do you?
  • Use Extra Drawers: This might be a little TMI…but are you a bathroom reader? You don’t have to answer that question out loud. But you can answer it by storing books in empty or unused bathroom counter drawers. If you have extra drawer space, use it however you want as long as you keep it organized.
  • Wall Attachments: Need a creative way to store your bike? Need a place to know where your dog’s leash is? Install some sturdy hooks so you can hang them with the greatest of ease. It’s not unusual for people to hang their bikes on a wall.
  • Put It Into Storage: Sometimes, there’s just no way to store it anywhere in your home. But not to worry, Simply Moving has safe, affordable storage spaces that you can use anytime you wish.


It’s never easy to figure out where some things go while moving to Brooklyn. That’s why Simply Moving helps you make the moving process to reduce the guesswork of “where do I put this”. If it comes down to not finding a good place for something, you can always store it in one of our storage units. For more information on what our storage services, contact Simply Moving today.

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