How to Prepare for Life in LA After Living on an NYC Budget

Moving across the country doesn’t rank high on anyone’s list of favorite activities. The idea of interstate moving probably puts a knot in your stomach, even if you’ve already hired long distance movers to ease the inevitable stress of the process.

Luckily, once you’ve loaded up your boxes and made the 2,800 mile trek from NYC to LA, you’ll experience a higher degree of financial freedom! Sure, as the second largest city in the country, LA is still expensive, but nothing like notoriously-costly NYC. In fact, $5,800 a month in LA translates to about $7,870 in New York.

If you want to make sure you responsibly manage the extra cash that will likely appear in your wallet after your move, but you aren’t sure how to prepare, here are some tips to help!

Calculate a new budget

First, you need to know just how much new wiggle room you’ll have with your money. There are lots of reasons creating a budget is a smart idea, but as a New Yorker, chances are you already know them. Some changes (like the cost of your rent) will be major, and others (like the cost of cigarettes) won’t be as immediately obvious, but doing a little research and estimating as close as possible will prepare you for a healthy lifestyle post-move.

Take stock of your debts

Do you have student loans? Credit card debt? This move could serve as the perfect opportunity for you to chip away at those principles, or knock them out completely. Along with your updated budget, knowing where your financial priorities lie is crucial in preparing to responsibly manage a lower cost of living. Comparing your new budget with your outstanding debts will show you how much extra money you can comfortably put toward those balances each month.

Consider opening a savings account

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be leaving New York City debt free. If that’s the case, opening a savings account could help you easily and securely establish an emergency fund. You never know when a rainy day will sneak up, and a savings account is a responsible way to manage that possibility. Plus, putting your extra money in a savings account will add a degree of separation to discourage you from simply spending it.

These foundational tips will ensure you’re in the right headspace for financial responsibility once you move to LA. From here, you can choose to invest your extra cash, or to treat yourself to a little something special each month, all while taking comfort in the fact that you’ve done your due diligence.

One of the best parts about the extra room in your budget? Now you can easily afford to hire interstate movers to make the process as painless as possible. Get a free quote to see what long distance movers from NYC to LA would cost you!

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