Simply Moving NYC – How to Make the Most of Midwest Square Footage After Living a Compact Lifestyle When You Move from NYC to St

How to Make the Most of Midwest Square Footage After Living a Compact Lifestyle When You Move from NYC to St. Louis

Taking on a new life in a new city is stressful enough, but it is particularly so when the move to that city requires long-distance coordination. Interstate moving isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but it’s a fact of life.
However, there are also some great benefits to making this kind of out of state move. For example, once you’ve completed the journey from NYC to St. Louis, you are likely to find yourself in a significantly larger apartment than you ever had in New York, and for a much lower rent.
So how can you best utilize this newly acquired square footage? Here are a few ways to make the most of a Midwest apartment after living a downsized NYC lifestyle.

Forget Storing Half of Your Wardrobe

Though abundant closet space is most certainly an elusive luxury in NYC, it is less so in St. Louis. This is not to say that every apartment in your new home city will come equipped with a walk-in closet, but most will feature enough space to comfortably house your entire wardrobe year-round.
This means that although you may have adopted the practice of stowing away winter clothes in the summer and vice versa in New York, you can let that habit fall by the wayside once you move to St. Louis.

Buy New Furniture

Minimalism may have been a necessity more than a style choice in NYC, but that’s no longer the case with your new Midwestern digs. Compare the size of your living room, bedroom, and kitchen in your NYC apartment with those rooms in your St. Louis apartment before you move, and assess how much room is left over.
If you’ll have plenty of extra space even with all of your current furniture, think about buying some additional items that speak to your personal style. A statement floor lamp or a comfortable relaxing chair can do a lot to help make a new space your own.

Don’t Worry About Downsizing Pre-Move

Since you’ll have plenty of space to accommodate your things when you get to St. Louis, don’t place too much stress on downsizing before you make the move. Plus, St. Louis experiences hot summers and cold winters much like NYC, so you’ll need to keep most of those weather-specific items.
Of course if you come across items you no longer want or need while packing you shouldn’t keep them just to take up space as interstate movers will cost more depending on how much you pack, but don’t force yourself to part with things you do want.

Now that you’ve got a firm grasp on how to handle all the added space of your new life in the Midwest, you’re ready to get down to brass tax and start planning. Contact us for a free quote and let us make your move from NYC to St. Louis seamless!

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