Simply Moving NYC – Handle With Care How to Pack Fragile Items

Handle With Care: How to Pack Fragile Items

Moving isn’t just about getting the couch down the stairs or squeezing a mattress through a doorway. Many of the items we must get from point A to point B are the fragile ones, and they require an extra level of care to get them to their new home in one piece.

Fragile items come in all shapes and sizes, from petite antique figurines to large glass vases. Too often people assume that a simple sheet of bubble wrap will do the trick, but they’re sadly mistaken, especially when their treasured possession ends up in pieces.

The first thing to consider when packing delicate items is time. This isn’t a process that should be rushed and done at the last minute as the last boxes are heading out the door. Prepare well in advance and start packing these items early. Gather all fragile items into a room large enough to move around in and set up a packing station.

Supplies. Packing breakables properly will require an array of materials. We suggest buying bubble wrap of various sizes, typically designated by the height of the bubble. Small bubbles are perfect for smaller items, large bubbles are great void fillers and the sizes in between serve to pack medium sized items. You should also grab some packing paper, like the paper you’ll see at retail stores when they wrap up fragile purchases. Tape, and lots of it. This is the last place you want to be shy with.

For smaller items that can be rolled, lay down a piece of bubble wrap that is of sufficient size. Place the item at one end and roll it to the other end of the wrap. Fold the top and bottom around the object and tape everything in place.

Plates should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then stacked vertically into a box so that they’re not lying on top of each other. Fill any voids in the box with packing paper or large bubble wrap. The top of the box should be hard to close, which means the plates will be secure during transport.

Cup, glasses, flutes and steins should be filled with packing paper and then wrapped in the paper or bubble wrap with tape securing it in place. Place them in a box with crumpled paper separating them. Remember, vibration is the root cause to glass breaking, so the key is to deaden any blow they might encounter.

Large hollow pieces such as vases, porcelain jugs, or artwork should have their insides filled with old towels or packing paper and then covered in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Don’t forget the top and bottom of the piece, cover these ends heavily as they are the most fragile parts of the item.

Antiques and valuable possessions definitely deserve the extra mile. Take as much time as needed and use whatever supplies are necessary. It may seem wasteful at first, but making sure your great grandmother’s wedding flutes get home in one piece is worth every penny.

Lastly, make sure you label boxes accordingly. Either with Fragile labels or large writing, make sure whoever is moving these boxes knows to take extra care with them and stack them in the truck accordingly.

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