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From The Big Apple To Beantown: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Boston

Interstate moving is good for your soul. Change is a beautiful thing, and when you’re moving from one rival city to another, things get a little more interesting. Before you set your heart on long distance moving to Boston, there are a few things you should know before you make the trip.


  1. You Won’t Need A Car

If you’re one of the minorities that had a car while living in New York City, you can sell it, because you’ll probably use it less in Boston. If you didn’t have a car in NYC, then don’t even consider buying one.

Boston has one of the nicest public transportation systems of any city in the United States. You’ll find that you use it often, even if you do have a car, which is the case for NYC as well. Do yourself a favor and go carless.


  1. You (Still) Might Not Have Extra Money

New York is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but Boston is not far behind. When you’re searching for interstate moving companies to help you with your move, find an experienced one that will go the extra mile (literally) for a great price. Sell whatever you don’t need, and you’ll be able to pocket some extra cash for moving day!


  1. Boston Is Compact

You’ll find that Boston is easier and faster to get around than New York. The city is smaller in general, and not as sprawling as New York. Taking a cab is likely to cost less on a regular basis, because travel times are shorter and neighborhoods are closer together.

Pack your walking shoes, bicycle, roller blades or scooter, because on nice days you’ll find yourself wanting to explore the cobblestone streets outside of a vehicle.


  1. The Weather Is Similar To New York

Boston may not see as much of winter as New York City, but you’re sure to get snow and frigid temperatures, just the same. Take care to box up your winter wear, because you’ll need it, especially when waiting for a taxi on the days you don’t want to bike through the snow covered streets.


  1. The Sports Teams Are Everything

If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees or the Buffalo Bills, you might want to leave that gear back in your old NYC apartment. Boston has no room for rival teams, so make sure you pick up a Red Sox cap and a Tom Brady jersey during your first week as a resident!

Overall, your move to Boston should be a pretty easy transition. It won’t be long before you find that you love it, sports teams and all. Call us today for a free long distance moving quote to get started on your Beantown pride!

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