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Downsizing Before Moving to Tampa from NYC

Moving at all can feel like an unusual brand of torture, and interstate moving is much worse than your run of the mill hop from one neighborhood to another. Hours spent on the road to a new life in an unfamiliar area are always a nerve-wracking experience.
More than 1,100 miles separate NYC and Tampa, and that distance brings some significant lifestyle changes. To those aware of the major discrepancy in climate between these two areas, it comes as no surprise that some of your most useful items in New York will no longer be necessary in Tampa thanks to the drastically different climate.

Average Temperatures

In the month of January when New York City finds itself in the throes of winter, it only experiences average highs in the neighborhood of 39 degrees. Conversely, the winter months are some of Tampa’s most mild, with January average highs around 71.
It’s self-evident how this climate alteration will affect a lifestyle change. No more snow or ice to contend with translates to plenty of items you and your family will no longer need after making your move to Tampa.

New York Items You Won’t Need in Tampa

Because of the weather, there are likely a plethora of items that were necessary in NYC which will be useless in Tampa, particularly in terms of clothing. Previous outerwear necessities, like multiple heavy winter coats and thick snow boots would be relegated to a not-often-visited corner of the closet in your new Tampa home, so it’s better to eliminate them before you move than allow them to collect dust in years to come.
Even less rigid items that brought you comfort in New York, like wool sweaters, flannel sheets, and even down comforters should receive some attention as to whether or not they’re worth taking with you.
Of course, you don’t need to downsize every pair of boots and thick socks you own before moving as these are useful items to have on hand for inclement weather or travel, but you don’t need multiples of these warm weather items when you’ve relocated to Sunny Florida.

Creating Extra Room for The Move

Long distance movers will charge you more if you have more belongings—that’s just common sense. What this means, though, is that cutting down on your unnecessary items before you make the move to Tampa will actually save you money on the move itself.
Particularly if you have a family, you’ll be surprised by how much space you save just by eliminating a portion of your New York specific items. Take stock of your possessions, and make plans sooner rather than later to do away with non-vitals.

Once you’ve taken the initiative to begin downsizing before your move, contact us for a free quote so we can help make your interstate move from NYC to Tampa go as smoothly as possible!

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