Five Things to Do Before You Leave for the Last Time (Renters)

Five Things to Do Before You Leave for the Last Time (Renters)

Amongst the hustle and bustle of moving, it can be easy to forget the basics. You’ve been searching for a new place, lining up movers, packing boxes, calling friends and family, the list goes on. Maybe you’re starting a new job. New School. Moving in with a significant
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Guide for Moving During the School Year

Guide for Moving During the School Year

Few things in life can be as hectic as moving from one home to another. One thing that comes to mind is completing that move in the middle of a school year. There’s a reason that the Real Estate community considers late spring their prime time, as most
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Handle With Care How to Pack Fragile Items

Handle With Care: How to Pack Fragile Items

Moving isn’t just about getting the couch down the stairs or squeezing a mattress through a doorway. Many of the items we must get from point A to point B are the fragile ones, and they require an extra level of care to get them to their new
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Should I DIY or Hire a Pro for My Long Distance Moving From NYC to California
How to Move Artwork and FIne Art - Tips & Help

How to Move Artwork and Fine Art – Tips & Help

If you’re an art connoisseur, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of hard-earned money on your decorative investments. Years are spent collecting fine art, outbidding competition, and finding the right pieces for your home and now it’s time to move it into a new personal galleria. Packing
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How to Stay Away From Moving Company Scams and Find the Legitimate Company For Your Next Move.docx
Is Moving in Winter a Good Idea

Is Moving in Winter a Good Idea?

Winter time brings many thoughts to mind. Long nights with clear, deep, black skies. Cold mornings with the frost heavy on the ground. Fresh snow, slowly falling from a deep blue background. To many, it’s the best time of the year. To others, they can’t wait for spring
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NYC to Florida How to Move Your Heavy Furniture

NYC to Florida How to Move Your Heavy Furniture

A Guide to Lifting and Moving Heavy Furniture Moving is always an adventure. No matter which state you are leaving, or where it is that you are moving to, interstate moving is quite the undertaking. Relocating from New York City to Florida means that you will be traversing
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Simply Moving Truck

How to Find Long Distance Movers When Moving From NYC to Texas

Finding a long distance moving company in New York City is a big challenge to overcome. The difficulty does not come from a lack of readily available movers. There are plenty of movers in NYC who meet high standards. However, finding professional moving companies with experience and affordable
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Yelp Review

My husband and I did our first big moving this summer. I was a bit nervous about it, as this was the first time I hired a moving company. I have contacted different moving companies and I decided to go with Simply Moving. Not only the price was
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Customer Testimonials

We couldn’t be happier with our recent move with Simply Moving.

Their prices were affordable, in fact, a lot cheaper than the quotes we got from the other movers we had called in the NYC area.

On the day of the move, the crew arrived early, and were fast, diligent, organized, and professional. All our furniture …

Muniba M.

I had a truly 5 star experience – they were on time, gave me a call an hour before arriving, packed everything neatly and efficiently and placed all items in my new place perfectly. Did the job as promised!

“Simply Moving- It was our pleasure to move you, the crew said you were well prepared and did a good job with the destination layout and instructions”

Abhishek S.

Great group of MOVERS.

The movers arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule, when it was cold and rainy. I wasn’t able to pack everything since my mother had passed away a few days before my move. They made me feel safe and helped pack things gently and quickly. They were patient and very positive and compassionate. They were too notch. Highly recommend their services.

Christine V.

Dear Stefan, I want to tell the public how wonderful your company has treated me. Has stored my possessions and has delivered everything with the utmost of care. Thank you will all my heart for the service you gave me and the protection you provided for all my things these years. If I had to rate your company I would give you a ten…!

P.S. when I got the delivery we thought there was an antique shelf missing but I found that behind some boxes after the truck left…So I have it all and am filled with joy…

Kevin S.

You have found Simply Moving so up can STOP searching for movers right now!!!! These guys are really great. Very fast, efficient and professional.

You have found Simply Moving so up can STOP searching for movers right now!!!! These guys are really great. Very fast, efficient and professional. Absolutely no stress involved with the move thanks to Stephan, Scott and Igor taking full control of every aspect of the job. They provided a certificate … CONTINUE READING

Pat T, Client

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