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5 Things You Won’t Need When Moving To Miami From NYC

Long distance moving can somewhat overwhelming. Traveling a long way with all of your things in tow is exhausting. Hiring a reputable moving company will make your life much easier. They’ll pick up your boxes and get them where they need to be, freeing you up to focus on the life changes ahead.


Cold Weather Gear

You choice of interstate moving is going to give you major weather shock. Moving from NYC to Miami can be sweltering, to say the least. Even the hottest NYC summers won’t prepare you for the same season in Miami.

Many moving companies calculate estimates based on weight and the size of the truck you’ll need. Big items, like winter jackets and boots, will take up a ton of room. Why bring them along if you don’t need them?

Be sure to keep a light jacket on hand for when your blood thins out, the temperatures drop below 70, and you feel the urge to bundle up.


Your Home Office Furniture

The difference in the way work is treated in Miami in comparison to NYC will surprise you. Miami is a much more laid back city, and you’ll find that people rarely ask you what you do. There is a time for work, and a time for play.

Work ethic is an incredibly personal thing, but chances are if you pack up that home office complete with a desktop computer, you probably won’t use it that much. Leave it behind or sell it. You’ll have less to move, and a little side cash to spend on a new patio set instead.

Or a laptop, if you must work. Living differently is a huge perk to long distance moving.


Pantry Staples

It may sound strange, but many people pack up their pantry when interstate moving. The cost of living in Miami is substantially less (food included) than NYC, so feel free to leave those heavy canned goods at home.

They’ll take up a ton of room on your moving truck, and they’re completely unnecessary to take. You’re starting a whole new life in a whole new place. Donate your old canned goods and buy new ones, for less.


Your “Street Extras”

Every New Yorker has “street extras” dying to take up space on a moving truck. This includes, headphones, shoes, bicycles, scooters, and umbrellas…among others. The purpose of these extras are to have one for home and one for the street.

Most people use public transportation in NYC, and having designated street gear brings the possibility of keeping it all in a bag and running out the door. In Miami, you’ll only need one bike, one pair of running shoes and maybe two umbrellas. It does rain a lot.


Cheap Art

Living in NYC is not inexpensive. It’s likely that you’ve got a ton of art adorning your walls that you didn’t pay top dollar for. Leave it behind! Miami runneth over with an art culture that is waiting to be explored.

You’ll be thrilled at the pieces you can find for  reasonable prices. Besides, you’ll want your Miami pad to look a bit different than your NYC digs. Art can be heavy and difficult to move. Only bring the pieces you can’t bear to part with.


It’s All About Necessity

Interstate moving is only as easy as you make it. Save yourself the time, money and the hassle of packing up things you won’t need when you’re long distance moving. If you’re ready to make the move, we’re ready to help you. Call today for your free quote!

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