Simply Moving NYC – 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Moving Company For Your New York City Business

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Moving Company For Your New York City Business

Choosing a moving company isn’t easy. Choosing a moving company in a big city is even harder. Packing up an office and moving it while maintaining a fully functioning business is not for the faint of heart.

You need a moving company that you can trust to move your things in a quick, effective and flawless manner. Most businesses cannot afford the loss that comes along with interrupted operations. A trusted, established office moving company will keep the process smooth and (somewhat) effortless.



  • You Require A Company That Specializes In Moving Offices


Pretty much any moving company can handle a residential move, but you are in need of office movers. You need a team that can safely handle the equipment that you need moved. Industrial sized printers, fax machines, multiple computers…many things in an office move are fragile.

Now, take all of those heavy but delicate items that you need relocated, and add pedestrians, dog walkers, bikers and traffic to the equation. An office moving company in NYC should be able to take on distractions and obstacles seamlessly, keeping your move on track timewise.

Choosing a company that knows how to maneuver heavy equipment quickly is essential to the move plan of every office relocation.


  1.      Ask For A License

Like any business, office moving companies have to be correctly licensed to do what they do. Every office moving company can only be licensed if they meet the regulations set in place by The Department of Transportation, as well as The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Inexperienced moving companies are everywhere on the internet and social media, peddling mediocre services for what seems like a great price. Be sure the company you choose can offer up a current license to operate and insurance. You’ll be glad you did!


  1.     Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A huge advantage to internet access is the wonderful world of customer reviews. You will know almost right away if a moving company is reputable, and it makes decision making much easier. Other consumers have no problem leaving descriptive details about their experience…especially if something went wrong.


  1. Shopping Around

The office movers who give you the best price may not always be right for the job. Licensed professionals with years of experience in the job are going to give you a higher price than your neighbor that happens to own a moving truck. Low prices may be tempting, but it’s not always in your best interest to give in.

Get a few estimates, combine them with what you know about the company, and go from there.


  1.     Customer Service Experience

Put what other people have said aside, how were you treated upon initial contact with the company? Your first impression will most likely be correct. Follow your gut instinct.

Ask yourself how knowledgeable they were. Were they willing to call you back with answers if they were unsure? How friendly was the person on the phone? Did you hang up understanding your quote and their procedures?

A little research goes a long way in helping you to find the perfect office moving company. Upfront honesty and pricing from the very beginning are imperative to a good relationship and a successful office move. Contact us today for a free quote!

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