Simply Moving NYC – 5 Reasons Why Staten Island Has the Best Home Storage

5 Reasons Why Staten Island Has the Best Home Storage

5 Reasons Why Staten Island Has the Best Home Storage

Staten Island is an amazing place to live when you’re looking for a place to sprawl out, and interested only in local moving. In comparison to boroughs like Manhattan and Brooklyn, Staten Island feels huge. The space you’ll get from renting or owning a home on Staten Island is super for families who are tired of the space restriction offered in smaller apartment building.

On Staten Island, you’ll be able to enjoy suburban life to its fullest extent, from owning a car to having a big backyard. Not to mention, Staten Island has incredible storage solutions, both inside the home and out.

Home Garages

Chances are, if you’re buying or renting a home on Staten Island, you’ll have a garage. This opens up plenty of space existing and future items that you’re bringing into your home. Not to mention, you’ll have a place of your own to park your car, without ever worrying about getting a parking ticket!

Home Basements

Having a basement is a game changer for people who have spent a majority of their lives living in somewhat cramped apartment conditions with little to no storage. You’ll no longer have to live on top of the items that you want to store, such as holiday decor and baby items that aren’t currently in use. Also, you won’t have to sell larger things that you might use again, like cribs or changing tables.

More Square Footage

Your new space on Staten Island, if you’re looking for something larger, is pretty much guaranteed to have more available square footage. This means more rooms to set up things that you’d normally have to keep in storage. Like having a kitchen table and a dining room table. Just like that, your home becomes the storage!

Plentiful Storage Units

Staten Island is full of storage units that can be rented for a monthly fee. This is a great place to store things that have been handed down to you, or items you might want to toss into a garage sale that you haven’t had time to organize yet. The possibilities are endless!


Due to the fact that homes have more storage on Staten Island, it’s typical for monthly storage units to run at a lower cost than you’d find in Manhattan. This means that you can pick up additional storage without paying a ridiculous amount of money for it, or fighting other tenants.

You can have your NYC movers take your things straight to the storage unit, without worrying about anyone getting to it before you. Peace of mind all around!

If you’re ready to sprawl out, it’s time to call in the movers. Moving to Staten Island can be a hassle, because there are only a handful of ways to get there. Contact Simply Moving today for a free quote!

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