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3 Ways Philly Will Feel Like Home If You’re Moving From New York City

The exertion and emotion that comes along with long distance moving can bring some unwelcome feelings. Homesickness is expected, and exhaustion is imminent. Your moving company will take a ton of pressure off by doing a bulk of the work, but they can’t help you feel like you’re home, other than by bringing you your things, that is.

If you’re making the interstate move from NYC to Philadelphia, there are a few similarities you can play off of to help cure the longing for home that ails you.


The Shopping

You won’t be suffering climate shock with this move, but you still don’t have to bring everything you own with you. Leave behind clothes that you don’t wear anymore, because a great way to settle into Philly life is to head out and hit the shopping scene.

Wander Rittenhouse Row for hours, bouncing from shop to shop and taking the sights of your new city. You won’t miss your old wardrobe after just 10 minutes in this bustling part of Philly.

Packing up your whole closet can be cumbersome, and add to the price of moving costs. Besides, Pennsylvania has a no-tax-law on clothing and shoes. Shop away.


The Food

Big cities have good food. That is like universal law. An unwritten rule of moving from one city to another is that you should being a few of the food staples along that you love from your original location.

This is a fantastic idea, and highly recommended. A box of your favorite NYC foods won’t take up much room in a moving van or your car, and you’ll have the comforts of home. This is a great way to deal with the effects of long distance moving and homesickness.

However, don’t count out the food scene in Philly. Philadelphia boasts foods like brisket cheesesteak and bacon grease popcorn. Not to mention some amazing Italian. There is nothing that eases a busy mind faster than a good dose of comfort food.


The People

The people who live in Philadelphia, whether they be native or not, love their city. It’s comparable only to the passion that New Yorkers have for the Big Apple. From life in general to a complete and total dedication to sports teams, you’ll find yourself feeling at home in no time.

Interstate moving can be hard emotionally, but taking comfort in your new city is so important. Let us help you get there faster by moving your beloved belongings to your new home. Call today for a free quote, and you can get out and explore knowing that your things are taken care of!

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