Simply Moving NYC – 3 Simple Project Planning Moves To Help Your NYC Office Relocation Go Smoothly

3 Simple Project Planning Moves To Help Your NYC Office Relocation Go Smoothly

Moving an entire office is no easy feat. It requires intricate planning and communication on behalf of everybody involved. Interstate office moving needs an agenda because things can go awry very quickly. Whether your office is going long distance or short, it’s important to have your ducks in a row.

Add in the complexities of moving an office in New York City, and you’ve got a whole list of other issues…like traffic, to name the obvious. Planning will help reduce stress and keep the business end of things up and running.


Outline A Plan In Advance

Depending on time frames, plan as far in advance as you can. Do not ever attempt to fly by the seat of your pants on moving day. You, your team and your office movers should have an outline of the plan you’ve put into place.

Have a spreadsheet of what needs to be packed, how many there are, and what boxes they’ll go in. While it’s understandable that business cannot come to a screeching halt, try and pack up what you won’t need in the near future so it’s ready to go when the time comes.

It doesn’t stop there. It helps to have a concrete idea of where things will go once they are moved to their new location. This doesn’t mean you can’t adjust and make changes as needed, but everything should have a home upon arrival.


Consider A Team Leader

Appointing someone to play team leader, or an employee specifically in charge of move management, will give tremendously successful results. Instead of filtering information through different outlets, you now have one “know-all” source for everyone to consult.

Your move manager should know where everything is packed and where it will be unpacked. They will also be responsible for hiring office movers, and coordinating times with them as well.

It doesn’t hurt for the appointed team leader to be familiar with rush hour traffic and other very busy times of the day in NYC. Nothing hinders the progression of a move quite like rush hour traffic, and according to The New York Times, the window for rush hour is growing.


Know The Rules

Make sure you are in complete and total compliance with the building that you are moving into, and the one that you are moving out of. In order to properly coordinate times, you must make sure there are no moving restrictions on either end.

This can happen when moving regulations are enforced. Perhaps you need a key and an appointment to use the service elevator, or you are relocating to an office space that does not allow moving during business hours.

When you’re planning a big (or small) office relocation, the simplest things can be easily overlooked, but they are so often the most important. A detailed plan will help any move run smoothly, but is especially helpful in a bustling city like New York. Contact Simply Moving for your free quote today!

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